My Top 10 Travel Essentials That I ALWAYS Pack in My Carry-On (and Gym Bag)

Packing for a trip is stressful enough. So is maintaining your health when your routine is disrupted. That’s where I come in – to do the thinking for you and be your trusted source for tried and tested ways to optimize your travel.

In my latest video, I cover my top 10 items that I ALWAYS travel with. Some might even surprise you, but they almost always come in handy for me and are true MVP’s in my travel arsenal. From hacking your sleep, keeping you protected from germs, helping you stay active, to maintaining overall health – these items are trainer (and traveler) approved.

Friends help friends. Here are the Amazon links to all the items I have mentioned in my video. Most of them are on Prime so take advantage of that 2-day shipping!



Check it out and let me know what items you can’t travel without or if there’s something I mentioned that you’re curious about in the comments below.

Safe travels!

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