Best Healthy Travel Snacks – Keto, Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, and More

The food you eat matters, especially while traveling. Sometimes there’s limited options available and other times you feel socially uncomfortable asking for healthier substitutions. I get it, it’s hard. But there’s ways you can get around it without being that person, spending a fortune, or going hungry (although, there are some benefits to fasting while traveling). Below I’ve compiled a list of the best healthy travel snacks to satisfy every crowd and organized into separate categories (fresh foods, bulk items, and packaged goods).

Best Healthy Travel Snacks – Fresh Foods

For the keto, low carb crowd:

Ketogenic diets…so hot right now. Eating low carb while traveling could be a beneficial way to avoid weight gain if you’re not able to workout often. By focusing on fats and protein, you get to feel full on less food and avoid insulin spikes that can cause you to reach for sugary, processed snacks when you’re feeling insatiable hunger. While I do believe there’s a place for carbs if you’re exercising or a female (we need carbs to keep our hormones balanced), there’s also validity in dropping them if you’re sitting on a plane all day. Note that these foods fall under the “fresh” category so plan to eat these within a couple hours, especially the animal products.

Low/no carb fresh snacks to pack: *avocados, blueberries, raspberries, hard-boiled eggs, turkey slices

*depending on the ripeness, you can push avocados out to a day or two.

For those with a sweet tooth:

Anybody else ogle the candy aisles in airports? Maybe it’s the stress of travel that makes us crave the comfort of something sweet, but a delicious piece of fruit is much better for your digestion and immunity than peanut butter m&m’s – as delicious as they are. Fresh fruits carry fiber (vs just the juice), and provide essential vitamins to protect your body from viral infections you’re exposed to while traveling. Plus, these snacks give you a hydrating boost of natural energy with their natural sugars and high water content, without the crash you would experience with processed sugars with candy and baked goods.

Sweet fresh fruits to pack: bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, watermelon

For those who need a “crunch”:

Again, maybe it’s related to travel anxiety, but crunchy foods like chips, popcorn, and nuts always seem to bring comfort while traveling. Unfortunately, these snacks are processed with inflammatory oils and added sugars that cause bloating/indigestion – something we don’t need more of while on the road. You can get the same satisfying crunch without the empty calories and inflammation with the fresh vegetables listed below.

Crunchy fresh vegetables to pack: baby carrots, snap-peas, celery, sliced red bell peppers

Best Healthy Travel Snacks – Bulk Items

For the keto, low carb crowd + for those who need a “crunch”:

Nuts and seeds are going to be your best friend for both parties. While nuts do have some natural carbs/sugars in them, they are significantly lower than dried fruits. The following list are the most nutrient dense varieties. My best tip is to try to find sprouted, organic versions of them – meaning they’ve been in soaked in water prior to remove the stomach upsetting lectins that a lot of nuts have.

Low carb nuts to pack: walnuts, pistachios, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds

For those with a sweet tooth:

Dried fruits are typically higher in natural sugar (and you have to read labels to make sure no additional sugars are added). They also lack the fiber and water that regular fruit carry, but they do have the benefit of being able to last longer. So if you’re traveling for an extended period of time or don’t want to feel the pressure to consume your snacks right away, dried fruit are the answer. I’m mixing in lower glycemic (less insulin spikes) with higher glycemic options so there’s something for everyone.

Sweet dried fruits to pack: goji berries, freeze dried blueberries/strawberries, raisins, banana/apple chips, and mango slices.

Best Healthy Travel Snacks – Packaged Goods

For the keto, low carb crowd:

Options are pretty limited here for longer lasting keto-friendly packaged goods, but I got you! My two favorite options can both be found at Trader Joe’s. Spoiler alert: they’re olives and meat sticks. Both options have zero grams of sugars, with one being higher in fat and the other higher in protein. Crunchy? No. Sweet? Nope. Filling? Absolutely. Take the little wins.

Zero carb packaged goods to pack: “Just a handful of olives” and Chomps (grass-fed, free-range meat sticks). Both satisfy that salty craving that you get while flying, without making you hungry for the entire food cart like chips and pretzels do.

For those with a sweet tooth:

The time has finally arrived everyone. Gone are the days when you sacrifice quality for convenience, ending up in a subpar protein bar that sticks to your teeth (*cough RX Bars), crumble in your bags, upset your stomach, or spike your blood sugar with the high sugar count. Candy bars are even worse because they offer absolutely zero benefit to your body, so put the Snickers bar down. It’s not worth it, I promise. You can nourish your body with a high protein marine collagen bar that keeps you full with 16g of protein, provides wild marine collagen to build stronger hair, skin, joints, and bones, and without the gluten, dairy, soy, or refined sugars — all in a delicious, convenient bar to enjoy anywhere.

Sweet and filling packaged good to pack: BYLD Bars – marine collagen, plant protein, and superfood antioxidants come together to deliver an on-the-go travel snack that can give you the peace of mind that you did something great for your body. You can purchase them them at and support female entrepreneurs who wanted to create a better option for busy, active people.

BYLD Bar high protein marine collagen bar rxbar healthy marine collagen peptides plant protein antioxidant super foods cacao berry

I mean, how can you say no?

For those who need a “crunch”:

Again, these snacks aren’t the healthiest crunchy options as the fresh vegetables, but they are more travel-friendly since you don’t have to eat them right away. I will note, however, that crunchy foods need to be packed strategically because you can be opening a package of tiny crumbs if they’re not careful.

Crunchy packaged goods to pack: vegetable chips (make sure they’re void of canola and vegetable oil!), snappea crisps, healthy popcorn (again, without the inflammatory oils)


Is there a snack on here that’s missing that should be added to the list? What’s your favorite travel snack and what category do you fall in mentioned above?

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