A Look Inside Vietnam’s Most High-End Gym: Elite Fitness

Elite Fitness makes it clear from the beginning that it’s not your average gym.

To provide perspective, a drop-in pass for most gyms in Vietnam costs about $4 USD; Elite Fitness charges $26 for the day. That’s pretty standard for a boutique studio in big cities like San Francisco or New York, but for Vietnam that is quite expensive. At the same time, this fitness center provides the ultimate experience for anyone seeking a high-end workout with luxurious amenities. Curious what it’s like inside? Let’s take a look..

Front Entrance

Elite Fitness Vietnam luxury gym ho chi minh city
Upon checking in, the front desk hands you a RFID locker key (no need to remember a combination or bring your own lock), a small gym towel, and a large shower towel. Once you pass through the luxurious lobby and lounge – complete with a smoothie bar, a marble staircase leads you upstairs to the main floor.

Indoor Pool

Elite Fitness Vietnam luxury gym ho chi minh city swimming pool
The indoor swimming pool is situated in a sexy, dimly-lit room surrounded by luxe lounge chairs and art decor reminiscent of a museum. Separate showers and bathrooms are adjacent to the pool, reserved solely for the swimmers. Pool fitness classes such as “Aqua HIIT” are also taught here. While I didn’t have time to try it, something tells me Aqua HIIT is not your grandmother’s water aerobics class.

Main Floor and Fitness Studio

Elite Fitness Vietnam luxury gym ho chi minh city fitness floor
With clean, state-of-the-art machines, free weights, and ample stretching room, the main floor is clearly the place to be “seen.” The members walking around are fit and attractive, perfectly reflecting the “Elite” namesake of the gym. In addition to the equipment, personal trainers are scattered throughout providing one-on-one boxing and strength training sessions to clients. You can see your reflection at all times here as even the columns holding up the ceiling are completely covered in mirrors, providing you with every angle to check out your form… or yourself, whichever you care about more.
Elite Fitness Vietnam luxury gym ho chi minh city workout exercise classes
Past the main floor, there’s a massive fitness studio with floor to ceiling mirrors and a platform stage for the fitness instructor. I don’t have a platform stage at my home gym, so naturally I was a little jealous. A wide array of group fitness classes are provided here, including cardio kickboxing, body sculpting, piloxing, and tai chi. There’s also a separate spin studio and yoga studio for additional group fitness classes.

Locker Rooms and Amenities

Elite Fitness Vietnam luxury gym ho chi minh city workout amenities bathroom showers
In addition to the RFID lockers, the locker rooms are beautifully designed with marble countertops, bowl sinks, and waterfall shower heads. In addition to a vanity section with multiple hair dryers and complimentary toiletries, there is also a steam room and jacuzzi available for use. With amenities like these, it’s easy to spend several hours or even the whole day here to escape the bustling chaos of Saigon just outside the building.

My Personal Thoughts?

While it wasn’t cheap, this gym is definitely worth the hefty price tag if you spend at least a couple hours here and use all of their amenities. I’ve worked out at modest gyms with dirty equipment and had to use my own shirt as a towel (hostels don’t provide you with small towels), so a luxury gym was a breath of fresh air. Plus, when you spend that much money for a day pass and the facilities are exceptionally nice, there’s more motivation to stay there longer and get the most value.
I took two workout classes – Bums & Tums (focused on lower body and core) and Body Combat (a Les Mills signature kickboxing class) – and had a blast. Even though the entire class was Vietnamese, the instructor was gracious enough to throw in some English words to help guide the random American girl through class. I only wish I brought my bathing suit and allocated more time to utilize the pool, steam room, and jacuzzi. As an Equinox instructor, this luxury gym felt familiar and like home – despite being in a foreign country amidst a language I don’t understand. For any ex-pats living abroad in Vietnam, I would definitely recommend a membership here if they’re serious about fitness and well-being. Who knows, you might even meet a Vietnamese celebrity here!

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